Memory Lane

Take a trip down Memory Lane, a musical about Alzheimer's that takes a light-hearted, but poignant, look at this global epidemic.

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The Edger:

Murder, Mystery, Romance
The Edger, by Marilyn Baron and Sharon Goldman, is a humorous women's fiction about landscape artist Alexandra Newborn's shocking reunion with her college art professor, Nick Anselmo - once a celebrated Italian artist, now a homeless lawn man - which sows the seeds for murder, mystery and romance.

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Murder at the Outlet Mall:

Is To Die For!
Shopping can be murder. Things get deadly when three ladies from China come to blows over a single Coach handbag at the St. Augustine Premium Outlets®. Murder at the Outlet Mall, a new short story by sisters Marilyn Baron and Sharon Goldman, gives new meaning to the phrase, "Shop 'Till You Drop."

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Don't forget to look for my artwork on the cover and throughout the novel.

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